Saturday, March 19, 2011

Exciting Week at EmbroidMe of Birmingham

The spring weather has definitely had an impact on us at EmbroidMe of Birmingham.  Spring sports are active, businesses are getting ready for spring, and we're getting more inquiries from softball teams.  This week we delivered on a large project for the Seaholm Girls' Water Polo Team.  We embroidered jackets for each girl, decorated their shorts and screen-printed t-shirts for them and their moms.  Yesterday we finished up on a project for  Healing for the People Ministries.  We embroidered 39 pieces in all for them including a suit jacket for the main preacher, Henry Davis.  Here's the logo sewn out on one of the shirts:

Another big project we've been working on is with the Detroit Chevy Dealer's Association as they get ready for their Opening Day event at Comerica Park.  We're printing 1000 baseballs for them, getting them flashdrives for their VIPs, and embroidering jackets and hats for their coordinators.

If you know of events coming up this year, like family reunions, golf outings, charity fundraisers, etc., let us know and perhaps we can be of assistance in getting polos, t-shirts, and more!