Friday, January 29, 2010

Want a FREE Lunch for your staff? Check out this GREAT offer!

As many of my colleagues know, I'm active in a local chapter of Business Networking International called "The Producers." Over the last year I've gotten to know many other business professionals and small business owners, and two such gentlemen are Christophe and Jon Dean. They have a Chiropractic practice just down the road from my store, and they've really changed my attitude toward Chiropractic in general. Using the Activator Method, they're often able to help people in a few visits rather than requiring weeks or months of follow up. They have come up with a variety of lunch'n'learn programs, and are willing to buy lunch for you and your staff! Please consider the information included below and consider having them come to your office. If you have any questions of me, please feel free to contact me at

Dean Chiropractic is boldly heading out in to the community to provide FREE lunch and learns for companies of all sizes or non-corporate groups and organizations. During your businesses lunch hour, one of the doctors will come to your place of employment and give a 30-40 minute talk to your employees about health. They have a wide range of topics to fit your groups' needs. These topics include Stress, Nutrition, Women's Health, Head Aches, and Healthy Living to 100. They will also provide all attendees with a complimentary healthy lunch! At the bottom of this post is a link to the detailed menu of lecture topics.


1. What is this going to cost me? Nothing besides an hour of your lunch time

2. Will the Dr sell me anything? No, but we will offer significant discounts on services just for attending. We will bring in certificates for purchase which will lock your first visit in at a discounted rate.

3. Can we have more than one seminar? Absolutely, it just depends on how many employees you have.

4. What's in it for the doctor? Exposure

Not only can these talks benefit your employees/co-workers health, well being, and productivity but you also may be able to lower your disability insurance premiums/workers comp by providing such health classes.

They book the health talks 2 weeks in advance. As soon as you have a date and lecture topic picked out, they will send you a sign up sheet to be posted in a communal area to get an accurate head count for providing food. The deadline for sign up is usually 3 pm the day before the scheduled talk. We usually recommend sending a copy of this email to your HR department to be forwarded out to the rest of your company to alert them to this upcoming event. If you have any other questions, please feel free to call the office at 248-543-3566 or contact Jon Dean via e-mail at

Here's the link to the available topics: Talk Menu

The following link includes more information about Dean Chiropractic.

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